Upcoming Meets

As a volunteer organization, we are always looking for volunteers to help with meets.  This includes spotters, loaders, qualified judges, qualified meet directors, equipment loans, sponsors, people that have a good venue for a meet, experienced announcers, and general help.  To volunteer, please contact our State Chairman or Meet Directors.


2017 Schedule:


2/25/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Terrapin Open (MD-2017-1)

Ritchie Coliseum, basketball gymnasium 4533 Rossborough Ln College Park, MD 20740 Meet Director: Dawit Girma

Registration will open Friday, November 11, 2016 at 6:00PM

Terrapin Open Facebook Event Page


3/18/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Exile Open (MD-2017-02)

Exile Fitness 8101 Pulaski Hwy Rosedale, MD 21237

Meet Director: Brian Washington

Registration is now closed

Exile Open Facebook Event Page



4/1/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting District Open (DC-2017-01)

Balance Gym 1339 Green Court NW, Washington DC 20005

Meet Director: Allie Feras

Registration is now closed

USA Powerlifting District Open Facebook Event page


5/13/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Maryland State Championships (MD-2017-05)

Dundalk Community College Field House – 7200 Sollers Point Rd, Baltimore, MD 21222

Meet Director: Mike Sichelman

Registration is now closed

Maryland State Championships Facebook Event page


7/15/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Rumble on Pratt Street (MD-2017-04)

Baltimore Convention Center – One West Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21201

Proud partner of the 2017 Baltimore Fitness Expo

Meet Director: Mike Sichelman

Registration is now closed!


8/26/17: 2017 USA Powerlifting Baltimore Open (MD-2017-03)

Exile Fitness 8101 Pulaski Hwy Rosedale, MD 21237 Meet Director: Brian Washington

Registration is now closed!

Baltimore Open facebook Event Page


9/09/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Charm City Classic (MD-2017-06)

Athletic Asylum Crossfit White Marsh 9601 Pulaski Park Dr #407, Baltimore, MD 21220

Meet Director: Chris Aydin

Registration is now closed!

Charm City Classic Facebook Event page


11/11/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Inaugural I-STEP Invitational Powerlifting Meet (MD-2017-07)

I-STEP  493 S. Stonestreet Ave Rockville, MD 20850

Meet Director: Linda Jo Belsito

This is an invitation-only meet. Roster is closed!

I-STEP Invitational Facebook Event Page


12/09/2017: 2017 USA Powerlifting Equinox Open (MD-2017-08)

Top Tier Crossfit 6570 Dobbin Rd Columbia, MD 21045

Meet Director: Brad Couillard

Equinox Open Facebook Event Page