State Records


The current Maryland State Powerlifting Records can be viewed on the USA Powerlifting Records database (  All Maryland meet results (after 01-01-2016) are submitted to this database.


USA Powerlifting Records Database-Click Here

If you are a Maryland or DC resident and you would like to report a new Maryland State record from a sanctioned USA Powerlifting meet held outside of Maryland (on or after 1/1/2016), please submit your record here..

Archived Records are still available to view on this website.  

The archived records are through 12-31-2015.  New records broken or set after 01-01-2016 are only available to view from the USA Powerlifting Records database which is at

The Archived Maryland State Records are grouped by age class.  On each age class page, the archived records are broken out by weight class (as provided below) as well as whether the lift was performed Unequipped or Equipped.   Starting January 1, 2015, meets and state records had new weight classes.  In accordance with USA Powerlifting guidelines, existing records under the old weight classes were converted as of December 31, 2014 to the new weight classes based solely on weight class (not a lifter’s body weight).  Records under the old weight classes have also been archived and are located directly under the new weight classes on the same age class page.

ARCHIVED STATE RECORDS (through 12-31-2015)



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