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    Maryland Powerlifting


    We are the Maryland chapter to USA Powerlifting. Our goal is to develop and promote drug-free powerlifting in Maryland. 


    Mens Sana In Corpore Sano - A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

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    SSPT Deadlift Training

    The squat is the king of all exercises but the deadlift is the purest test of total body strength....

    Upholding the Standard - Part 2

    I measure individual powerlifting performances by the number of successful lifts, personal records (PR) achieved, and placing within a weight class and/or age group. I also grade novices or intermediates on technical improvements and becoming more acclimated to the competitive experience...

    Requisites for Success

    The past three months have been some of the most exhilarating of my entire life. In June 2012, I was as an assistant coach on the USA teams at the inaugural IPF Classics Powerlifting World Cup in Stockholm, Sweden...


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