Results available for 2015 Syke Out Classic

sykeoutclassic_smMeet results are now available for the 2015 USA Powerlifting Syke Out Classic Powerlifting meet that was held on May 30, 2015.




We are USA Powerlifting Maryland. Our goal is to develop and promote drug-free powerlifting in Maryland.

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2 comments on “Results available for 2015 Syke Out Classic
  1. James Poledna says:

    More of a question. I noticed in the results of this meet that a couple competitors were above the weight limits in their classes. Yet they were still allied to compete in that class. Could someone explain to me why that is. I don’t believe that is fair for others in the competition. Shouldn’t those people be required to move up to the next class to compete.


    • Hi James – Each lifter lifted in the correct weight class based on their weigh in. The display of results were updated today to correct the weight class the lifters actually lifted in based on their weigh in instead of the weight class they initially signed up for. I hope that helps.


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