2018 USA Powerlifting Rumble on Pratt Street (MD-2018-06)

2018 USA Powerlifting Rumble on Pratt Street (MD-2018-06)

In partnership with the Baltimore Fitness Expo

Baltimore Convention Center 1 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Meet Director-Michael Sichelman usaplmd@comcast.net or (240)216-2099

Registration will close on June 1, 2018, OR when 80 entries are received, whichever comes first.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Morning Session:

8:00 AM – Athlete check-in for morning session

8:30-10:00 AM – Morning session weigh in

10:00-10:15 AM – Rules Briefing

10:30 AM –Morning session lifting starts


All Times are tentative & subject to change



Open to all lifters age 14 and above. All athletes must have an active membership with USA Powerlifting. Memberships will not be sold the day of the meet. Membership cards can be purchased at


Proof of membership will be required during check-in. Please have a copy of your membership card (or e-mail proof of purchase) and a valid ID when you arrive.


Personal Attire:

A one piece lifting suit (singlet) is mandatory for all athletes! ALL equipment must conform to USA Powerlifting standards. Please see the USA Powerlifting Rule Book for information regarding personal attire:


There will be a Raw divison and a single-ply Equipped division. All supportive equipment MUST be listed on the IPF approved list. The list can be found here:

IPF Approved List

Drug testing will be conducted, please verify that all your medications and supplements are not prohibited and obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption if necessary. Please see the USAPL Anti-Doping page for more information.10% of the lifters at this meet will be drug tested for prohibited substances. For the WADA Prohibited Substance list: Click here

Weight Classes:

Women: 47 kg, 52 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg, 72 kg, 84 kg, 84 kg+

Men: 59 kg, 66 kg, 74 kg, 83 kg, 93 kg, 105 kg, 120 kg, 120 kg+


1st – 3rd in each weight class for each division. Open division is the default division. Entry into Teen, Junior or Masters divisions can be added below.

Best Lifter Award for overall best Male & Female lifter

Meet will be a One Platform meet with a maximum of 80 competitors.

Registration will close when the roster reaches 80 athletes.

To be considered for the waiting list, please contact the meet director by e-mail with “2018 Rumble on Pratt Street” in the subject line, along with your full name, gender, and weight class in the body of the email.

ENTRY FEE: $85 for default entry into the Open Division

Additional divisions (Teen, Jr or Masters) $25

NOTE: There will a limited number of t-shirts for sale at the meet.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Check the Facebook Event page or website for updates or email the meet director at usaplmd@comcast.net

Spectator fee: See ticket information at the Baltimore Fitness Expo website. Please note the meet director has no control over ticket pricing for the Baltimore Fitness Expo.





Flt Grp Name M/F-Div lot# Events Entered Nominated Wt Class
1A Anna Yang FR-O 13 PL 57
1A Anna Yang FR-JR 13 PL 57
1A Laura Nguyen FR-O 16 PL 47
1A Rob Schepis MR-O 34 PL 66
1A Rob Schepis MR-T3 34 PL 66
1A Trevor McCain MR-O 40 PL 59
1A Holly Klink FR-O 11 PL 57
1A Holly Klink FR-M1b 11 PL 57
1A Howard Alvaro MR-O 38 PL 59
1A Blake Piesto MR-O 12 PL 66
1A JC Mbimba MR-O 21 PL 59
1A Steffen Blanco MR-O 19 PL 66
1A Alyssa Kieffer FR-O 22 PL 52
1A Melissa Simpson FR-O 1 PL 57
1A Samantha Foskew FR-O 5 PL 57
1A Candyce Dyer FR-O 20 PL 57
1A Candyce Dyer FR-M1a 20 PL 57
1A Joyce Kuwae FR-O 31 PL 57
1A Joyce Kuwae FR-M1a 31 PL 57
1B Nathaniel Hancock MR-O 69 PL 93
1B Nathaniel Hancock MR-M1a 69 PL 93
1B Joshua McCausland MR-O 77 PL 83
1B Bomnorng Tek MR-O 42 PL 83
1B Patrick Carr MR-O 55 PL 83
1B Salman Ashraf MR-O 78 PL 93
1B Salman Ashraf MR-T2 78 PL 93
1B Julian Baca MR-O 80 PL 83
1B Joel Milby MR-O 75 PL 83
1B Phillip Foster MR-O 48 PL 83
1B John Paul Fernandez MR-O 45 PL 83
1B Mark Litfin MR-O 49 PL 93
1B Derrick Chance MR-O 41 PL 83
1B Michael Rim MR-O 57 PL 83
1B Michael Rim MR-JR 57 PL 83
1B Christopher Burgess MR-O 59 PL 83
1B Christopher Lane MR-O 46 PL 93
1B Cameron Sloan MR-O 64 PL 93
1B Cameron Sloan MR-T3 64 PL 93
1B John Paul Fernandez MR-JR 45 PL 83
1C Christian Conti-Vock MR-O 107 PL 120
1C Timothy Stewart MR-O 97 PL 105
1C Paul Mulgrew MR-O 83 PL 120
1C Hugh Williams MR-O 108 PL 120
1C Justin Brathwaite MR-O 106 PL 120
1C Jason Trask MR-O 94 PL 105
1C Chris Felix MR-O 102 PL 120
1C Chris Felix MR-M2a 102 PL 120
1C Rousseau Richards MR-O 85 PL 105
1C David Edwards MR-O 91 PL 105
1C Andrew Lashbrook MR-O 92 PL 120
1C Ralph Youngs MR-O 101 PL 105
1C Ralph Youngs MR-M4a 101 PL 105
1C Jeffrey Foster MR-O 82 PL 105
1C Alexander Din MR-O 98 PL 105
1C Marco Martinez MR-O 110 PL 105
1C Marco Martinez MR-JR 110 PL 105
1C Sean Strumpf MR-O 109 PL 105
2A Franco Frega MR-O 39 PL 74
2A Franco Frega MR-JR 39 PL 74
2A Pei Zhao MR-O 26 PL 74
2A Jennifer Verano FR-O 4 PL 63
2A Kristopher Macalinao MR-O 27 PL 74
2A Bianca Escobar FR-O 6 PL 63
2A Fannie Tao FR-O 33 PL 63
2A Kat Figueroa FR-O 32 PL 63
2A Katie Kecman FR-O 14 PL 63
2A Carlo Fernandez MR-O 37 PL 74
2A Kayla Tegeler FR-O 18 PL 63
2A Gregory-Philip De La Cruz MR-O 24 PL 74
2A Gregory-Philip De La Cruz MR-JR 24 PL 74
2A Kevin Cacela MR-O 9 PL 74
2A Aymen Shakil MR-O 23 PL 74
2A Jade Walls FR-O 30 PL 63
2A Jade Walls FR-JR 30 PL 63
2B Angela Wilson FR-O 56 PL 84
2B Stephanie Brown FR-O 53 PL 84
2B Juliann Elmer FR-O 76 PL 72
2B Sarah Keever FR-O 71 PL 72
2B Katherine Brinning FR-O 47 PL 72
2B Katherine Brinning FR-M1a 47 PL 72
2B Hailey Ploski-Sarno FR-O 67 PL 84
2B Rupa Dainer FR-O 61 PL 72
2B Rupa Dainer FR-M1a 61 PL 72
2B Amy Langrehr FR-O 72 PL 72
2B Amy Langrehr FR-M1a 72 PL 72
2B Kelly Christian FR-O 65 PL 84
2B Cynthia Line FR-O 50 PL 72
2B Cynthia Line FR-M2a 50 PL 72
2B Deborah Patrick FR-O 66 PL 72
2B Deborah Patrick FR-M3b 66 PL 72
2B Elysa Newman FR-O 44 PL 84
2B Molly Chaney FR-O 70 PL 84
2B Molly Chaney FR-JR 70 PL 84
2B Kirsten Pilkerton FR-O 63 PL 84
2B Erin Sherlock FR-O 62 PL 72
2B Emily Jeffers FR-O 68 PL 72
2B Emily Jeffers FR-JR 68 PL 72
2C Tamara Walcott FR-O 81 PL 84+
2C Michael Patterson MR-O 99 PL 120+
2C Michael Patterson MR-M1a 96 PL 120+
2C Katherine Mooney FR-O 87 PL 84+
2C Mickey Thorpe FR-O 89 PL 84+
2C Mickey Thorpe FR-M1b 89 PL 84+
2C Ahmed Mohamed MR-O 104 PL 120+
2C Ahmed Mohamed MR-JR 104 PL 120+
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